Relocation of California, USA Office.

Semiconductor manufacturing equipment manufacturer DISCO Corporation (Headquarters: Ota-ku, Tokyo; President: Kazuma Sekiya) has relocated and expanded its USA head office in California for the purpose of strengthening the organization’s ability to respond to the needs of its customers. The new office building has a floor area approx. three times larger, and has a processing space approx. 3.5 times larger than the current building, which includes a clean room.

Background and Purpose

The office is currently located in San Jose in the state of California, also known as “Silicon Valley,”
where there is a dense concentration of companies and research institutes who are developing leading-edge devices with high-added value.
With advances in IoT, medical, communications, and self-driving technology, the development needs for semiconductors and electronic components is expanding, causing the number of requests from these companies for processing verifications and contracted processing in the device development stages to increase. Thus, it was essential to further enhance our services.

Overview of New Office Building

Address 5921 Optical Ct., San Jose, CA 95138 U.S.A.
Phone 1-408-987-3776
Fax 1-408-987-3785
Total floor space Approx. 6,200 m² (Old office: Approx. 2,000 m²)
Construction cost USD 21 million (Site, building acquisition and renovation costs)
Date of relocation June 5, 2019
Relocation completion date Scheduled for early July, 2019

Overview of California Office

USA Head Office/Sales & Service Office
Description of business Sales and maintenance of precision processing equipment, precision processing tools and related equipment, applications support, and contracted processing services
Conceptual image of office building
Conceptual image of office building


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