DAL7440 KABRA®※1・2 laser saw developed

DISCO Corporation (Head Office: Ota-ku in Tokyo, President: Kazuma Sekiya), semiconductor manufacturing equipment manufacturer, has developed DAL7440, a laser saw which supports the KABRA processing of Φ8-inch wafers.

※1 Total no. of acquired patents / related patents in process: 58(as of January 9, 2018) / Registered trademark (Registration No. 5850324)
※2 An ingot slicing method in which a separation layer (KABRA layer) is formed at a specified depth by continuously irradiating an ingot with a laser, producing wafers starting from the KABRA layer. KABRA stands for Key Amorphous-Black Repetitive Absorption. For details, please visit the KABRA process site.

Development Background

In recent years, SiC has attracted attention as a material which can replace silicon in power devices. DISCO developed the KABRA process (SiC ingot slicing method) by laser processing and exhibited the DAL7420 laser saw which supports the KABRA processing of Φ6-inch wafers at SEMICON Japan 2016. However, R&D to enlarge the diameter size has been progressing, such as the shipping of Φ8-inch sample wafers. In response to this background and such a strong demand from wafer manufacturers, the DAL7440 laser saw, which supports the KABRA processing of Φ8-inch wafers, was developed. DAL7440 will be set up in DISCO’s North Carolina office to more flexibly handle processing test requests in the US.

Features of DAL7440

  • ΦSupports Φ8-inch ingot
    Supports future increases to ingot diameter size
  • Wafer slicing with less undulation is possible
  • Maximum ingot thickness: 40 mm
  • Alignment-free
  • Orientation flat detection function by auto alignment
  • Ingot thickness measurement function
  • Wafer printing function
    Tracks the total number of processed wafers
  • Equipment size: W 750 x D 1,350 x H 1,800 mm

Future Plans

March 2018 (planned) Relocation of test cut machine to North Carolina office in USA affiliate office, DISCO HI-TEC AMERICA, INC.


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