Model Change for All Four Semi-Automatic Dicing Saw Models

DISCO Corporation (Head Office: Ota-ku, Tokyo; President: Kazuma Sekiya) has changed all four models of semi-automatic dicing saw (DAD324, DAD3241, DAD3651, and DAD3661)with enhanced productivity and communication systems. The three models of DAD324, DAD3241, and DAD3651 will be exhibited at SEMICON Japan 2018 (held at Tokyo Big Sight from December 12 to 14.)

All Four Semi-Automatic Dicing Saw Models

Developmental Background

In recent years, the number of installed sensors and passive components made from glass and ceramic and the demand for singulation and grooving of these materials have been increasing in response to the multi- and high-functionality of smartphones, tablet devices, and other mobile devices. However, it has been necessary to improve the productivity because glass and ceramic are difficult-to-process materials which requires a considerable amount of processing time.
In addition, there is no advantage to installing equipment with an automatic transfer system because workpieces are replaced infrequently for materials with a longer processing time. Therefore, semi-automatic dicing saws without a built-in transfer mechanism have normally been employed. However, this can create problems in production sites with only one operator that has to keep track of the operation status of multiple units, increasing the need for a communication system to manage multiple units.
In response to such background, the model changes to DAD324, DAD3241, DAD3651, and DAD3661 have been made.

Common Upgrade Details

Enhanced Communication System and Software Supported Functions with the Installation of a New PC

  • Supports SECS/GEM※1※2
  • Compatible with communication networks to achieve central management of multiple units

※1 Communication protocol in the semiconductor industry
SECS: SEMI Equipment Communications Standard, GEM: Generic Model For Communications and Control of Manufacturing Equipment
※2 Option

Improved Productivity with the Installation of a New NCS (Non-Contact Setup)※3

  • Reduces the time required to measure blade height from the processing table by 74%.
  • Achieves more stable processing quality through improved measurement accuracy

Improved Axis Control for Each Axis (X, Y, and Z)

  • Controls precise processing axes by employing servo motors for each axis and supporting high-speed communication systems

※3 Non-contact setup: This feature detects blade height using a transmission sensor without the need for the blade to make contact with the chuck table.

Features of Each Model and Main Processing Materials


  • Supports Φ6-inch workpieces, single spindle
  • High-torque 2.0 kW spindle as standard
  • Compound semiconductors, LEDs, and other devices


  • Supports Φ8-inch workpieces, single spindle
  • Cutting speed improved 7.3% (compared to DAD3240)
  • Optical components, ultrasonic-wave oscillators, and other devices


  • Supports Φ8-inch workpieces, dual spindle
  • High-rigidity short spindle as standard
  • World’s smallest-class footprint for a facing dual-spindle dicing saw
  • Ceramic capacitors, SAW filters, and other devices


  • Supports Φ300 mm workpieces, dual spindle
  • Supports large workpieces (maximum of 360 x 360 mm)
  • Image sensors, multi-mounted packaging substrates, FOWLP (Fan Out Wafer Level Package), and other devices


Exhibited at SEMICON Japan 2018 December 12 – 14 (Tokyo Big Sight)
Test cuts From March 2019
Equipment release DAD324/DAD3241 From April 2019
DAD3651/DAD3661 From June 2019


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