Decision to Construct a New Building at Nagano Works Chino Plant

DISCO Corporation, a semiconductor manufacturing equipment manufacturer (Headquarters: Ota-ku, Tokyo; President: Kazuma Sekiya), has decided to invest approx. JPY 17.5 billion to construct a new seismically isolated building at Nagano Works Chino Plant (Chino City, Nagano).


Purpose of New Building Construction at Chino Plant

With the introduction of fifth generation (5G) communication systems accelerating, the semiconductor and electrical components markets, including the development of IoT, self driving systems, and remote medical technology, are expected to expand. The demand for DISCO’s precision processing equipment※1 and tools※2 is also expected to increase accordingly. In response to the expected growth of these markets, DISCO is expanding※3 Kuwabata Plant (Kure City, Hiroshima). However, it was determined that further enhancement of the production system will be required.

In addition, most of the precision processing equipment and tools are currently produced in Kure and Kuwabata Plants, which are located in Hiroshima. Seismically isolated structures have been adopted in the buildings at both plants, and construction to ensure an independent water source has been conducted to protect against future water outages. However, the distance between the two plants is only about 10 km. Therefore, in order to prevent a situation where both plants cannot function should a disaster affect the entire area, resources must be divided further.
In consideration of these factors, DISCO has decided to begin construction of a new building at Nagano Works Chino Plant.

※1 Precision processing equipment : Equipment which performs cutting, grinding, and polishing of silicon wafers, etc.
※2 Precision processing tools : Tools which are installed on precision processing equipment and perform cutting, grinding, and polishing. Precision processing tools are consumables and must be replaced frequently.
※3 News Release regarding the Completion of Zone C Construction and the Beginning of Zone D Construction in Building A, Kuwabata Plant (January 31, 2019)

Overview of New Building at Chino Plant

Name Building B at Nagano Works Chino Plant, DISCO Corporation
(tentative name)
Building scale and structure 10-story building, seismically isolated structure
Total floor space Approx. 131,920 m² (Existing building: 20,293 m²) 
Building area Approx. 16,280 m² (Existing building: 4,018 m²)
Site area 71,044.4 m²
Total investment Approx. JPY 17.5 billion

Future Plan

Start of construction July 2019
Completion of constuction December 2020


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