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Corporate Outline

Details and example

Trial processing

Purpose Trial processing of the materials and products that have never been processed before.
Task To help customers watch how it works in the start-up stage.
Results By using the "Dicing and Grinding Service", customers can easily launch their new products in the start-up stage. If market demand is ramping up, they can gain enough knowledge about their products manufacturing costs to make critical investment decisions. In this sense, our service is like an "incubator" for new business.

Supporting Customers' business with DISCO Professional Technologies

Purpose To support customers' business when their production capacity is tight due to high demand and economy booming up.
Task To support customers' business with DISCO professional service and quality
  • By using "Dicing and Grinding Service",
    Customer can be flexible for high demand in the market.
    Small amount of "Dicing and Grinding Service" must be helpful for customers who can't afford to buy DISCO machines.
  • They can check their products and it's good criteria for investment in the future.
    "Dicing and Grinding Service" is good solution for foundries, it can be considered in their chain system.


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