Business Risk Factors

Described below are some of the risk factors that could affect the DISCO Group, including its business activities and financial situation, or influence decisions by investors.

Fluctuations in the Semiconductor Market

The DISCO Group manufactures and sells products to manufacturers of semiconductors and electronic components throughout the world and is therefore affected by trends in the capital investment and production activities of its customers. The semiconductor market in particular is subject to changes in the supply-demand balance, and the business performance of semiconductor manufacturers is affected by the pattern known as the silicon cycle. The performance of the DISCO Group may be adversely affected if customers freeze capital investment, reduce production or take other actions during the downward phase of this cycle or when other unforeseen market fluctuations occur.

Emergence of New Technologies

The DISCO Group concentrates primarily on the manufacture and sale of semiconductor cutting and grinding equipment and precision tooling such as precision diamond blades and grinding wheels for use in silicon wafer processing. If a processing technology emerges to challenge precision diamond tooling in the future, the DISCO Group's business performance may be adversely affected. The DISCO Group also develops and sells laser saws, which can be used on materials that are difficult to cut with precision diamond tooling.


The corporate headquarters and R&D center of the DISCO Group are located in Ota Ward, Tokyo, and its production facilities in Hiroshima and Nagano Prefectures. We are continually enhancing our business continuity management (BCM) systems, but corporate systems and production operations could be affected by a major disaster, outbreak of a new strain of influenza or other contingencies. The Great East Japan Earthquake of March 11 had a minimal effect on the business performance of the DISCO Group.

Exchange Rate Fluctuations

The DISCO Group manufactures products in Japan and exports them to manufacturers of semiconductor and electronic parts in various parts of the world. Transactions are normally denominated in yen, but transactions in some regions and with some customers need to be settled in U.S. dollars or other foreign currencies. This means that the business performance of the DISCO Group could be affected by exchange rate fluctuations.

Other Risks

In addition to the risk factors listed above, the business performance of the DISCO Group could also be adversely affected by global and local economic conditions, natural disasters, war or terrorism, trends in financial and capital markets, laws and government regulations, product defects, issues relating to suppliers and problems with intellectual property rights.