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A record high was achieved for both net sales and profit s on a half-year basis.
DISCO will continue to make efforts to strengthen the company.

Business Environment and Performance

In the first half of FY2021, although the world economy was affected by COVID-19, the willingness-to-invest of semiconductor manufacturers remained high on the back of the high demand for semiconductors, which has been continuing since 2020.
In such a business environment, DISCO’s factories are operating at full capacity while thoroughly implementing infection-prevention measures. Due to an increased shipment of dicing saws and grinders for mass production mainly in the Asia region, shipment of precision processing equipment reached a record high.
In addition, shipment of precision processing tools (consumables) also remained high due to customers’ high facility operation rates.
Due to the high level of shipments of DISCO products and progress in equipment inspection/acceptance, net sales reached a record high. In terms of revenue, profits also reached a record high on a half-year basis due to continued cost reduction and provision of added-value proposals to customers.
Regarding the interim dividend, based on the dividend policy, the dividend per share will be JPY 199, which is a significant increase from the previous year(JPY 116).

The Year Ahead

Due to COVID-19 and supply limitations, there are some uncertainties with regard to the external circumstances. However, current inquiries from customers remain high and the shipment level of DISCO products is expected to remain high moving forward as well.
Although demand varies depending on business fluctuations, as semiconductors are an essential technology and play an important role in solving societal issues such as improving productivity and environmental problems, we believe that demand will continue to increase on a long term basis in the future as well, and that our customers’ needs for our advanced Kiru, Kezuru, and Migaku technologies will also expand.
Regarding the capital investment that DISCO has been making in order to support future market expansion, factory expansion has settled down upon completion of the new buildings at the Chino Plant in Nagano and Kuwabata Plant in Hiroshima in January and August 2021 respectively.
DISCO will continue to make efforts to strengthen the company by dealing with climate change and governance, and by enhancing our ability to adapt to change through continuing to cultivate our high quality corporate culture and carrying out activities that help us evolve and improve.
We deeply appreciate the continued support of all our stakeholders, and would like to kindly request your cooperation in the year ahead.

December 2021
Kazuma Sekiya, Representative Director and President