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Product Information

Resistivity Management Unit

The CO2 Injector reduces static buildup during dicing by maintaining a stable level of resistivity in the cutting water. This stable resistivity helps prevent particle adhesion and device damage caused by static electricity.

By using resistivity sensor feedback and a special multi-stage mixing system, the CO2 Injector is able to dose the cutting water at a high degree of precision and accuracy-even when the flow of coolant is interrupted and restarted.

The CO2 Injector is easily controlled through the dicer's interface, allowing for real-time monitoring of coolant flow, resistivity during cutting, and alarm history. The unit fits neatly within the case of DFD6340 and DFD6361. Installation to DFD6240 is external but compact.

Applicable Models: All DISCO dicing saws

CO2 Injector
Low-resistivity specification
CO2 injector CO2 injector
Resistivity setting range(MΩ•cm) 0.5 - 1.0 0.2 - 0.6
Resistivity fluctuation range* Within targeted specific
resistance ±10 %
Within targeted specific
resistance ±0.06 MΩ•cm
Features The CO2 Injector constantly monitors cutting water resistivity and effectively adjusts it to match the target value. In addition, the CO2 Injector may be set to log resistivity measurements automatically when dicer function is initiated, when the dicing of each wafer is complete, and when an alarm is activated.
*The flow rate is constant within the range from 3 to 15 L/min at the supply water temperature from 20 to 25ºC
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