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QFN Package Processing


In the past, the processing of QFN (Quad Flat No-Lead) packages was performed with routers and other machine tools, but now that smaller and more varied packages are common, the use of a dicing saw has become more and more popular. DISCO's dicing saws can offer higher singulation throughput and productivity as well as less copper burring, while DISCO's new resinoid blade for package singulation can significantly improve process quality.

Comparison of full-metal QFN processing

  • Electroform blade

    Electroform blade
  • Newly developed resinoid blade

    Newly developed resinoid blade

Workpiece courtesy of Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd.

Until now, electroform blades have been the standard for singulating QFN packages. But electroform blades tend to wear faster laterally than radially, becoming thinner toward the end of their life and thereby creating out-of-spec QFN package dimensions.

DISCO's new resinoid blade is designed to wear evenly along the radius and prevent the formation of nonstandard package dimensions. At the same time, the new blade cuts through copper without creating burrs and is more wear-resistant that previous resin bond blades.

Machine Lineup for Package Singulation

DISCO's precision dicing saws are easy to operate and support both jig- and tape-based singulation. DISCO's dicing saws for QFN package singulation feature special alignment software that accounts for varying indexes due to heat-expanded substrates and other factors. Multiple-panel processing is also available.

Jig-based Singulation

DISCO's dicing engines have been designed for ease of integration with custom handler equipment. Jig is matched to substrate perfectly for added efficiency, and the use of a vacuum eliminates tape costs.

  • Excellent for high-volume, low-variety processing.
  • Tape costs eliminated and running costs reduced.
ape-based Singulation

Tape-based Singulation

Tape-based singulation is available for all DISCO dicing saws.

  • Excellent for small die.
  • Can process different packages simply by changing device data.
Tape-based Singulation

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